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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Member Yu Dabin
    You Myeongjong
    Lee Sangwoon
    Lee Junhyung
    Cho Youngyun


Yoo Dabin Band is a band formed in 2019, centered around singer-songwriter Yoo Dabin, and officially debuted in 2020. The band consists of Yoo Dabin (vocals), Lee Junhyung (guitar), Jo Youngyun (bass), Yoo Myeongjong (keyboard), and Lee Sangwoon (drums). Vocalist Yoo Dabin gained recognition as a talented singer-songwriter when she participated in Mnet's "Superstar K" and reached the Top 10.
The music of Yoo Dabin Band resonates with listeners' deepest memories and emotions. With Yoo Dabin's poetic compositions and the members' exceptional musical skills, they perform a wide range of genres, from acoustic music to folk and rock. They have been recognized for their talent by winning the Grand Prize at the "Money Today University Song Festival" in 2019 and also receiving the Best Award at the "ALL STAR Musician Festival" in 2020.
Recently, Yoo Dabin Band gained further recognition by reaching third place on Mnet's band survival program "Great Seoul Invasion," which helped them establish their name among the public. They consistently deliver sincere, unadorned, clean, and refreshing music that reflects their genuine selves.


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