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Lee Mu-jin

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Lee Mu-jin

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Ballad, Rock/Metal
  • Member Lee Mu-jin


Lee Mujin, a singer-songwriter from South Korea, rose to prominence as a contestant on JTBC's "Sing Again."
Throughout the show, he captivated audiences with his unique voice and music, delivering memorable performances of "Nugu Eopso" (Nobody), "Whistle," and "Lying on the Beach."
With his talent and artistry, he advanced to the finals, ultimately placing among the top three contestants on the show.

In 2021, he achieved chart success with his debut single "Shin Ho Deung" (Traffic Light).
The song's captivating melody and compelling lyrics resonated with people, establishing Lee Mu Jin as a promising rookie in the music industry.
Ever since, he has released many other works including "Poupelle of Chimney Town,” OST contributions for "Hospital Playlist Season 2," and "Gojegok" (Assignment), a song that resonated with many college students.
In his first mini-album, [Room Vol.1], he demonstrated his exceptional songwriting skills, incorporating his personal stories into the album.
He also released romantic love songs like “Can We Have a Moment?” where he delivers honest and heartfelt emotions.
Since then, Lee Mujin has been actively pursuing his career as a singer-songwriter.


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