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  • Country JAPAN
  • Music Genre J-POP


asmi is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Osaka, Japan. With her unique and adorable voice, she captures love troubles and daily thoughts of adolescent girls.
Her song "memory" and "Yowanehaki," which was released under the MAISONdes project and won the Music Category at TikTok Trend Word Award 2021, generated huge buzz on Social Media.
She is now a Pop Icon of the New Generation, whose singing voice is "The Most Used Singing Voice on Social Media".
She won the Grand Prize at the Tournament "JUDAIHAKUSYO 2020". Her 1st album "bond" won the Kansai Block Award at The 13th CD Shop Awards 2021.
“PAKU,” which was released in March 2022, won the Challenge Category at TikTok First Half of 2022 Trend. Following Yowanehaki,
her singing voice went viral on TikTok for 2 consecutive years.
She has also performed on THE FIRST TAKE and other music shows.


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