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「MU:CON 2017」 Biz-Matching Registration Notice

MU:CON 2017Biz-Matching Registration Notice

Greetings from MU:CON 2017 Organization Office.

MU:CON 2017 Biz-Matching is devised to Those looking for international music business opportunities, whether it be a label, management, distributor, promotor, festival organizer, producer, musician, composer, song writer and culture & arts organization specialists, are more than welcome to register.

The program will take place from September 26th, Tuesday to September 28th, Thursday, 13:00~18:00.



How- to Register for “Biz-Matching”


1. Registration Period (KST based)

-1st: September 1st, Friday 13:00 ~ September 16th Saturday 00:00

-2nd: September 20th, Wednesday 00:00 ~ September 28th, Thursday 18:00


2. Procedure

Go on to the official website (www.mucon.kr) - Click [Biz-Matching]

Go through the specific information of each participant from My page-[Biz-Matching Registration]

Wait for meeting confirmation: Request, Accept, Decline

Check the list of meetings and the status at [My schedule / Registered mettings]

Confirm the final schedule

[Delegate Registration] should be completed first in order to proceed with [Biz-Matching]

Please refer to the attached file (Introduction_[MUCON 2017] Biz-Matching.pdf) for more information

3. Overall Registration Process

Delegate Registration ▶ Biz-Matching ▶ My schedule / Registered mettings

Biz-Matching Accept, Decline ▶ Meeting Confirmed ▶ Share Meeting Result

4. Please keep in mind that meeting is fully set only after the receiver of the meeting accepts the meeting request. If the receiver denies, biz-matching is not fully completed.


5. Contact for business registration

E-mail : network@mucon.kr



September 4, 2017



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