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: 관리자 : 2017-09-08

「MU:CON 2017」 Showcase Registration Notice

[MU:CON Showcase Registration]

-After confirming the QR code below at [MU:CON Showcase Registration], you can get a free wristband.

-[MUCON Showcase Registration] is located in Sangam MBC 'Street of Stars.' (In front of Starbucks)


[Ticket Exchange Hours] : 2 hours before the show

-All ticket exchange is available according to queue in order.

-Two wristbands are offered per QR code (per person)

-You may not exchange tickets for another person. Guests must exchange their own tickets.

-Companions (friends, family members, co-workers, etc.) will also be requested to line up for entrance.



[Entrance Hours] : 30 minutes before the show

-Show entrance is allowed according to queue in order.

-In the occasion you exit during a performance, you will be requested to re-enter by joining the queue.

-Each stage has limited space, Admission is limited when capacity reaches limit.

-You will be able to enter according to queue when the stage has space to accommodate extra audience.

-Please note that depending on the situation, admission and waiting time may vary.



-It is highly recommended that guests use public transportation due to restricted parking area.

-Re-selling a ticket is strictly prohibited. (Event reward will be suspended)


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