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[FAQ] MU:CON 2017 Biz-Matching

[MU:CON Biz-Matching]

Q : How do I register for Business participants?

A : Once you sign up at MU:CON homepage, you can register at [business application] or you can also register directly at in the lobby on the first floor of Sang am SBA. It will be closed at 25th September (Mon) 18:00.

Q : How do I apply for MU:CON Biz-Matching?

A : You can use MU:CON website for application. All participants will be attending a meeting that requests mutual interaction. If other participant denies, you may not be able to have a meeting.

Q : When is the date of application for MU:CON Biz-Matching?

First : 2017.09.01(Fri) 13:00 ~ 09.16(Sat) 00:00

Secondary : 2017.09.20(Wed) 00:00 ~ 09.28(Thur) 18:00


Q : Is it available for MU:CON biz-matching registration directly at main hall?

A : Live matching is available at MU:CON homepage at anytime for Business participants. Logging on homepage and check ‘My page’ [ schedule / application status] regularly.

Once you have applied directly at main hall, you will not be able to join through the online registration.

Q : Where can I find a status of MU:CON Biz-Matching?

A : You can check status of (schedule, application, accept / refuge) logging on MU:CON homepage at ‘MY page’ [ schedule / application status ]


Q : Do I use only PC for MU:CON Biz-Matching?

A : You can also use mobile in the same way.

Q : What happens if I can not make on time for Biz-Matching meeting?

A : Biz-Matching will be proceeded for 15 minutes (Maximum 30 minutes). If you can not make on time, you will have a difficulty in meeting. So, please try to be on time.

Q : I forgot ID / Password.

A : You can use [ search password ] at MU:CON homepage to find your private password.

You can find ID -> contact MU:CON organization office Biz-Matching department. (070-4440-9567), You also can check ID at information desk on the second floor of MBC M lounge.



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