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: 관리자 : 2018-08-03

「MUCON 2018」 Business Delegate Registration Notice (8/6~)

MUCON 2018 Business Delegate Registration Notice


In order to boost global interaction and communication among music industry specialists, the business delegate registration of MU:CON 2018will take place as below.


1. Goals

Maximizing business interaction of music specialists and musicians


2. Overall Introduction

 MU:CON 2018

 Dates : From Monday September 10th 2018, to Wednesday September 12th 2018 (3 Days)

 Venue : : Sangam MBC & Hongdae KT&G SangsangMadang / MUV Hall

 Program : Conference, Showcase, Biz-Matching & Networking


3. Who can participate?

Those in the music business industry such as but not limited to: labels, managements, distributors, promoters, festival specialists, producers, musicians, lyricists. Overall specialists who work in music, culture and art organization.


4. Business Registration Period : Monday August 6th 9am ~ Tuesday September 4th 6pm


5. How to Register

 Go to [Delegate Registration] on the official website of MU:CON 2018 (www.mucon.kr)


 Please register in advance for pre-event biz-matching


 If you already have signed up through our homepage, please use your previous ID&PW to log in.

ㅇ ​[ID/PW] Log In [Show Previous Information] Click [Registration Information] Edit  


6. Registration schedule will be notified soon.


7. Contact for business registration

E-mail : network@mucon.kr


 [Delegate Registration] Click 

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