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: 관리자 : 2017-09-13

Dok2 & The Quiett seeks to shed new light on Wu-Tang Clan's music


The Korea Times / By Kim Jae-heun

The hip-hop duo Dok2 & The Quiett of the hottest music label Illionaire Records will release a masterpiece with ‘90s American hip-hop legend Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan.

The international music fair MU:CON 2017 has confirmed the duo will unveil their collaboration during the festival held at the end of this month.

Rapper The Quiett said the collaboration with Inspectah Deck will shed new light on Wu-Tang Clan's music that swept the 1990s.

"The group Wu-Tang Clan was legendary in the early 1990s and Dok2 and I have long respected the musicians," The Quiett said during an interview with The Korea Times at MBC building in Mapo-gu, Seoul, last Friday. "We've also tried a similar style of music that Wu-Tang Clan pursues and our collaboration will be something similar I guess. It will remind us of old-school Wu-Tang Clan's hip-hop."

Q. What do you expect from the collaboration?

A. Well, our primary goal is to produce good music. I know the popularity of Wu-Tang Clan in America has faded with time but there are still fans of the group here. I wish we could shed new light on the legacy Wu-Tang Clan's music created.

Q. Wu-Tang Clan pursues East Coast hip-hop, but that is quite a different style from popular trends now in the hip-hop scene. Were there any disagreements during the collaboration?

A. I would say no. I know the hip-hop trend nowadays is the music from the South and Inspectah Deck along with Wu-Tang Clan has been forgotten because of it. But Dok2 and I have, from time to time, paid homage to their music and that is the style we have been pursuing, so we had no disagreements.

Q. Illionaire Records is leading the local hip-hop scene. Where is Korean hip-hop on the world stage?

A. There are various styles of hip-hop here now and so many musicians pursue their original style of music. We are at the stage where quality is improving with quantity.

Korean musicians pursue a high level of music and I'm not talking about the genre's homeland America _ Korea owns most active hip-hop musicians and fans. We are on the right track.

Q. What distinguishes Korean hip-hop from that in other countries?

A. Hip-hop music is very original on the global stage. We make creative music consisting of somewhat similar chords that hip-hop music owns. I don't know how many foreign fans understand Korean hip-hop's musical sensitivities and lyrics but I don't know how to explain it except for saying our music has our own soul. Korean hip-hop has a spiritual difference in the music that our people own.

Q. Does Illionaire Records have any plans to enter the international market?

A. Of course, we are working on many ways to advance into the global market. First of all, the Chinese market in Asia has become so big and the local hip-hop industry is also interested in the Chinese market. We are receiving many proposals from China but the current political situation with THAAD is the problem. Many Korean entertainers are having a hard time entering the Chinese market. 


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